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Pride, the Worst Enemy of a Man

Written by  Wednesday, 29 October 2014 00:00

Guess what? Finding a wife, not a woman, requires humility.

Some men say, "I don’t see any woman who is worthy enough to be my wife." Yeah, that is a scary statement even to hear knowing what the Word of God says about a man.

There is nothing like pride that keeps a man away from finding a wife. In the contrary, there is nothing like humility that makes a man attractive to a woman, a woman who has a potential to be a “suitable” wife.

When a man sees himself as God sees him, he finds himself being unworthy to find a woman who can marry him. And he submits to God to help him find that woman. When he finds her, he pursues her until he makes her his. He is not a quitter because he knows that the one he finds is the rare one. He won't go around and declare "Women are everywhere.” Oh, Dear, he doesn’t say that. He has respect for all women, whether they choose to be godly or worldly because he knows who he really is. 

The worst part of a prideful man’s life is realized when he gets married.

When he gets married, he tends to declare that his wife is not worthy to have him. He declares that she is lucky to have him. His wife withers under his leadership. He blames her for withering during a rainy and shiny spring season; little did he know that he was “the drought season” in her life. Yes, fear of getting old and/or the excitement of getting married might pushed her to the marriage but she is his wife; she is part of his body; she is inseparably fused with him. She is not just a woman but a wife. But he can’t see that. Pride blinded him. 

What about counseling? Are you insane? He thinks he knows it all and he believes with all his heart that his wife has a problem and needs some fixing. Him having a problem? No, that is not the way he sees.

If he stays single, a prideful man goes around saying that "he is the happiest man ever" while he burns in his sexual desire, which at times goes out of control and makes him act like everything but a born again Christian. Wow, pride is dangerous!!!

Pride doesn't remain in one place. It grows and gives birth to death. Then the prideful man becomes bitter towards the church, the ministers and the followers of Jesus Christ. He criticizes everything and suggests how God’s work should be done though he himself is not willing to do it.

Is there any hope for this man? You bet there is but it depends on what he wants in his life!!! If he chooses, he can die with his pride. Or he can yield himself to the truth of God in all respect and start from the beginning. Then he finds his true worth and to what extent his worth can be stretched to. He will soon abandon his ways and turn to God. And he will be willing to give himself to the leadership of others who will hold him responsible and accountable for his personal life.

Then as the Bible says, “the humble will inherit the earth” (Psalm 37:11). And his children’s future will be secured. Yes, as curse is generational, so is blessing. His children follow after his footsteps; and they too inherit the earth. 

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Meskerem T. Kifetew, PharmD

Married for 17 years with one man, have three kids; living in Maryland, USA; starting January 2014, I gave my full time to the ministry God has given me (Appeal for Purity); I teach in the area of sexual purity/immorality for singles and married couples at different places, in Amharic and English; I teach about sexual intimacy for married couples; I am one of the family ministry leaders in my church of 19 years (International Ethiopian Evangelical Church in DC); I'm licensed pharmacist in the state of Maryland since 2007 but currently I'm focusing on more counseling, writing and publishing CDs and DVDs in the area of my focus, which is sexual purity/immorality. My book, Beyond the Fairytale, will soon be on the market (Jan. 2015).

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