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The Most Depressing Reason to Get Married

Written by  Monday, 02 February 2015 00:00

The most depressing, frustrating and disappointing reason to marry is to have sex. Do you know why? Well, let me give one analogy to make my point clear:


Let's assume that a married couple has sexual intimacy three times a week. (I'm not suggesting that having sex three times a week is the norm or anything. It can be a norm for some and for some, three times a week may feel like a fasting season).


Just for the sake of my example again, let's assume that the length of time for them to start and finish the whole process of sex takes them 20 minutes. Again, I'm not giving an ideal length of time it takes to start and finish sex. It all depends on the couple. Every marriage is unique especially in the area of sex.


Well, when we do the Maths, from the 168 hours they have a week, they spend 60 minutes (or one hour) of their time making love.


Okay, let's now take one week out from four weeks of a month because of the wife's menstrual cycle. That means the couple spends on sex only 3 hours out of the 672 hours they have per month. Well, let's assume that throughout the year, they didn't have any conflict to disrupt the frequency of their sexual intimacy and they maintain the frequency pretty much the same throughout the year. If that is the case, do you know the total hours of time they spend having sex a year?


Well, from 8,760 hours a year, they only spend 36 hours of their time on sex. Do you know what percentage of their time per year this couple spends on sex? Only 0.4%!


This couple spends 99.6% of their yearly marital time doing something else than sex.


Of course sex is part of marriage and praise God for that. But seeking marriage to have sex is very depressing knowing that 0.4% doesn't amount to anything when it is compared to 99.6%.


So, in my opinion, the best two reasons to seek marriage are because we find a best friend we want to spend the rest of our life with; and because we find a person with whom we can love, serve, worship, and seek Jesus Christ who is the Only Reason we are alive today. Think about it!

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Meskerem T. Kifetew, PharmD

Married for 17 years with one man, have three kids; living in Maryland, USA; starting January 2014, I gave my full time to the ministry God has given me (Appeal for Purity); I teach in the area of sexual purity/immorality for singles and married couples at different places, in Amharic and English; I teach about sexual intimacy for married couples; I am one of the family ministry leaders in my church of 19 years (International Ethiopian Evangelical Church in DC); I'm licensed pharmacist in the state of Maryland since 2007 but currently I'm focusing on more counseling, writing and publishing CDs and DVDs in the area of my focus, which is sexual purity/immorality. My book, Beyond the Fairytale, will soon be on the market (Jan. 2015).

Website: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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