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Lust On a Driver Seat

Written by  Thursday, 17 July 2014 00:00
Dr. Meskerem T. Kifetew (Missy) Dr. Meskerem T. Kifetew (Missy)

When a man wants to marry a girl because he lusts after her body, he can present himself to her as the most romantic man on this planet earth. 


And for a girl, there is nothing as attractive as a romantic man. She thinks that he is madly in love with her. But the truth of the matter is he is not really in love with her. Is he ready for a long term commitment such as marriage? Oh, no, he is not. But does he care if he even goes through the wedding process to have her body for a night? No, he doesn’t care.


He is lusting after her body and that is a motivator for him to do the unthinkable. Once he is given into lust, he leads his life “under the influence” of a drug called lust. 


The problem is, with lust, the man will be done with that beautiful girl after one night. It doesn’t matter if that one night is going to be their honeymoon night, immediately after their wedding party.


Yeah, very, very sad to see when it happens! 


After the first night of their honeymoon, the man is done with that beautiful girl. Lust says to him “Goodbye” and leaves him alone without any warning. Since lust was on the driver seat of his life, to tell him what to say and do, he doesn’t know how to live with this girl without the presence of “lust”. 


So he quietly checks himself out of the marriage, sometimes he literally walks out from the marriage or stays in the marriage but has nothing to do the woman. Then the brand new bride will start complaining about him not paying attention to her or not wanting to be with her as much as he used to before the marriage. 


The man is done, my dear! 


And the one important issue here is this: Lust rarely mixes well with marriage. Trying to mix marriage and lust together is like trying to mix oil and water. Marriage and lust always live separately just like oil and water, each one keeping its own unique nature. 


So, when a woman marries a man who only lusts after her body, she may sadly face life alone immediately after her marriage, maybe being pregnant with a child and/or with young children. Or she will live in a marriage which is completely dead. Why? Some men can’t just live without lust “fueling” their life engine. So they walk out marriage or they just become absent from their role of being husbands and fathers. 


Very sad phenomena! And it is a kind of story it is becoming very common these days as the porn industries are becoming bold with their message that says: “Lust is important for life”.


Some single Christian men are looking for a girl who drives them nuts by making them lust after her body. And when they find her, they do anything to have her body. They can propose to the girl they are lusting after to marry her. The problem is they usually don’t want her after that first night.


Wow, it is a killer for the girl! Do you know how many beautiful virgin Christian girls are taken by a man who lusts after their body and are being trashed immediately after their honeymoon? Yes, countless girls!


How can then a single girl escape the trap of being blinded by the lustful man’s romantic treatment?


Short answer! By becoming a girl after God’s own heart!


A girl after God’s own heart won’t be tricked by a romantic treatment of a man who is lusting after her body. 


A woman after God’s own heart doesn’t trust her decision no matter small or big her decisions are. She tends to ask others’ advice if she wants to date a man way before she decides to date him. She investigates from others who the man is. She spends time with him, his friends and families to see if he has healthy relationships with others and to know whether he is a man of his words. She clearly states to him her sexual purity standards so that he won’t get confused. She doesn’t confuse him either by having double standard, such as, saying “No” for sex before marriage but coming for a date being half naked. Oh, no, she doesn’t do that.


The most identifying characteristics of a girl who is not after God’s own heart, a girl who is usually a victim of lust are these: She doesn’t have any prayer life and devotional time with the Word of God. She is a stranger to the Church of Christ, the Body of Christ. She has little or no relationship with other believers who have godly, biblical and pure sexual standards. She always takes her life matters on her own hands. As she stays away from God and the people of God, her natural tendency of being “Eve” (her cursed innate nature) will take over. She becomes INDEPENDENT of man and God. If she likes it, she will have it. If it feels good to her, she will take it. If it looks good, she takes it. If a man “salivates” after her body, being drunk with lust, she “snorts” at his romantic treatments as if they were “heroin” without questioning his motive whatsoever. She doesn’t demand anything from him. Does she ask someone if she is in the right track? Are you crazy? She asks nobody! She is “VERY INDEPENDENT PERSON,” means she is “a POST-MODERNIZED, AMERICANIZED AND EDUCATED” Christian. Hmm! 


The very interesting part here is this: Even the very man who lusts after her body wishes deep down in his heart if she stood her ground to demand from him sexual purity; if she did everything she could to attract his heart and soul, NOT HIS SEXUAL NATURE so that he could love her as a person, not lust after her body. 


So, if you are a single, beautiful Christian girl reading this, please listen to me. I know it is tough today to seek God’s will while it seems like every sexually promiscuous girl in the church is getting married while you are being left alone. 


Well, don’t mind my dear. You have no idea how many married girls our there are looking for a way to go out of their marriages. Stay put, my dear, as you cast off all your cares on Christ. 


My friend, decide today to be a girl after God’s own heart. Don’t fall for the devil’s trap which seems to take over many Christian girls today. Don’t be alarmed when you see girls around you getting married. You rather be single for life than being married and being trashed the next day. Seek God, Precious! Seek Him and only His ways and you won’t be in want (Psalm 34:10). 


Beloved, God knows your needs. He put them there in you for Him to take care of each one of them. He knows that you are scared of getting old before you get married. He knows that you are scared being single for life while all your friends are getting married. He knows, oh, He knows my dear, all your struggles. So, leave that for Him to take care of while you just strive to be His alone. Be part of a local church. Stop having a superficial relationship with other believers. Be genuine and sincere and become a friend to someone who may need a friend like you. 


Put aside your needs for Christ to take care of while you look out for someone you can life up.


Oh, hallelujah! Then you will see your faithful God moving on your behalf. Let Him surprise you with His amazing visitation. And on your life story book, it will be written like, "Then God thought of - - -" (add your name).


Your God is FAITHFUL! Test His faithfulness by being His alone! ///


He is Faithful! Test His faithfulness by being His alone! ///

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Meskerem T. Kifetew, PharmD

Married for 17 years with one man, have three kids; living in Maryland, USA; starting January 2014, I gave my full time to the ministry God has given me (Appeal for Purity); I teach in the area of sexual purity/immorality for singles and married couples at different places, in Amharic and English; I teach about sexual intimacy for married couples; I am one of the family ministry leaders in my church of 19 years (International Ethiopian Evangelical Church in DC); I'm licensed pharmacist in the state of Maryland since 2007 but currently I'm focusing on more counseling, writing and publishing CDs and DVDs in the area of my focus, which is sexual purity/immorality. My book, Beyond the Fairytale, will soon be on the market (Jan. 2015).

Website: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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